Rev Grace

Rev Grace is a dynamic woman of God, who has been called by God Almighty to do His great work of deliverance, releasing the captives from bondage’s and generally evangelizing the ‘Good News’ all over the World. A phenomenon Holy Ghost filled woman of God, a great prayer warrior and a vessel of honor in the hand of Jehovah, Rev Grace has been doing the work of God for over 30 years with lots of experience on how to use strong prayer points to destroy every wile of the enemy.

Rev Grace was ordained as a Prophetess in Nigeria where she had used her God-given gifts and prophetic talents in the Word of God to destroy various works of the devil in the lives of many people. As an empathic Counselor, she has used her counseling skills for many in the areas of marriage, choosing the right partners, resolving and reconstructing broken families, businesses and enterprises resolutions.

A few years ago, through the inspiration and instructions from God, Rev Grace had selflessly extended her gifts as a great servant of God to a wider field of evangelism all the way to the United Kingdom and the United States of America where she has been preaching the word of God to a greater audience. Her major ministries are demonstrated in the strength of her zeal for prayers to achieve greater results. Recently, God gave Rev Grace a new dynamic vision to establish a prayer meeting through the telephone network called ‘The Prayer line’. This medium is a growing network and since established few years ago, it has become a channel of blessing to a lot of people. There have been several miracles and testimonies to the glory of God through the ‘Prayer line’ network. Now the ministry is on Facebook, Youtube and on Rev Grace App.

God has continuing to use this great woman of destiny in so many areas of anointing for the barren receive their children, the sick receive their healing, the captives are release, and the lost souls are found and restored back to their maker-Jehovah.

Rev. Grace is a virtuous woman, a wife and a mother who is blessed with children and many grand-children.